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Award-winning Writer, Lover of Latin, Ancient Historian, Prehistorian and Muddy Archaeologist.
Lecturer at the British Museum & York University

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Richly illustrated and academically spot on.   Friendly, Fun and Fact-filled.

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Come, from wherever you are in the world, and escape to the Ancient World with me!

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Ideal for everyone: whether you’re a Time Team fan to academic, a novice or  academic, a Lockdown Leisure-seeker or inquisitive explorer – here’s your chance for a fresh look at ancient history and archaeological sites that everyone should experience.


More courses will follow
From Mediterranean civilizations to Classical Literature and Biblical context.
Soon you will be able to join me for many more courses , wherever you are in the world.
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Expert professional talks – lively, engaging, connecting  – on screen
No need to cancel your events – just go live online with the Muddy Archaeologist.
Providing richly illustrated, fascinating talks to brighten your day.
‘We enjoyed the talk just as much as if we had been attending in person’  N.Yorks.
 As an author and public speaker, I’m in the business of lively, engaging professional communication through talks, study days and courses, tours and cruises, online and through the written word, media, film and audio.     

Read my CV here:  Gillian Hovell BA CV September 2020

In person, in the field, on line and in the media I’m renowned for changing the way folk see the world around them.

I can do this for you and your audience by:

  • showing how our modern lives are filled with stories and influences from the past,
  • revealing the relevance of the art, history, archaeology or Latin that is all around us,
  • discovering the underlying humanity that makes us part of the ‘big picture’ of history and civilization,
  • opening our eyes to finding and understanding archaeological sites and finds,
  • and so adding colour and depth and fresh meaning to our everyday lives.

Informative, entertaining and lively.

Listen in:    A Spot of Fun : ‘Midnight Mastermind’  Radio 2’s OJ Borg at 12.30am Tuesday 13th November 2018  

View a recent lecture about the archaeology of Jarlshof, Shetland while on board Le Boreal while crossing a ‘lively’ North Sea

Ex BBC TV, I specialise in making all history and also the classics relevant and exciting, and in opening the audience’s eyes to seeing the richness of heritage around us.

My talks inspire and inform courses, national and local societies and community projects, and are perfect to inspire travel and tourism companies, museums, galleries, history-based and classical associations, universities and colleges, and literary groups, amongst others.

A wide-ranging Portfolio of Talks and Course on archaeology, ancient history & Latin is available

A newly updated dedicated Arts Lecture portfolio is also available, with great Study Days

A blossoming Gardeners’ Ancient Roots portfolio can be read here

For an ancient Natural History selection, click here

To book a richly-illustrated, engaging and lively talk, course or study day, or to join me on a tour or a cruise, or arrange a private tour or event, or to arrange a media appearance:

Contact me   by email

Tel. 01423 203516   Mob. 07860 637301

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About Me

Author, historian, archaeologist and public speaker of considerable experience and range, I specialise in providing passion, colour and depth to the present by visiting the past – whether it be through books, lively illustrated talks, articles, archaeological tours and cruises, walks, community archaeology projects, curses and classes, media.
My clients include the British Museum and York University.

Ex-BBC, I’m delighted to contribute via radio/audio, film, apps or printed media and I love meeting you in person at events too.

As Author, award-winning Writer, Tutor, Presenter and Public Speaker at events, in the media, on tours and cruises etc, I work as a freelance independent self-employed professional.

(Read my award-winning RHS/British Library entry here


After graduating in Latin & Ancient History from Exeter University in 1983, I spent several years working in BBC Television on everything from live television at No.10 to the Domesday Project (remember that?) and a spell in Children’s Programmes, as well as Drama Series & Serials and Science & Features.

I moved to North Yorkshire where I began to throw myself (often literally) into archaeology and started my award-winning writing and public speaking career.

I love to share history through teaching Latin and Classical History, community archaeology projects, writing books and articles, or presenting in person, on-line, in the media and on tours and cruises to demystify the past – I aim to open our eyes to see that it’s all around us, if we just know where to look …

“But what use is Latin and Ancient History?” is a question I am frequently asked, to which my answers were, and are, many and varied but which nearly always include the concept “because it’s FUN!”.

For history and archaeology are all around us. We see it every day of our lives and use Latin and classical echoes all the time, often without even realising it – and it can be great fun. Honest. And it’s a privilege to be at the cutting edge of unearthing and sharing muddy history when I’m out on community archaeology sites or major international sites too.

Watch my Show Reel here :  

You can read my CV here
Gillian Hovell BA CV Sept2019


At the Sharp End of the Trowel

Sharing the Exploration


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See below for a selection of dates of upcoming Muddy Archaeologist talks  (Check out COURSES page for many more ways to connect with the ancient world with me).

  • 11 Jan The Arts Society, Honiton What did the Greeks & Romans ever do for Art?
  • 13 Jan CICERONI Travel webinar on Midwinter Solstice
  • 25 Jan York Arts Society Classical Art & the Perception of Beauty
  • 12 April The Arts Society, Halifax At Home with the Romans: the Iconic Roman Villa

A wide-ranging Range of Lectures and Courses  is available

A dedicated Arts Lecture Portfolio  is also available  (Gillian is an accredited lecturer of the Arts Society)

NEW FOR 2022 Study days:

Tutankhamun’s World:  Egypt Rising from the Sands Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Carter’s great discovery of ‘Wonderful things’ with this Full or Half Day Study Day.  Explore the astonished world of Tutankhamun and his treasures.  The World of Tutankhamun synopsis 

The World of Stonehenge  What we know/think we know about the site, then explore the vibrant Neolithic world of the first farmers and their time; finally, we explore Neolithic sites and learn what to look for when we’re out and about.

The Complete Pompeii.    Ever popular day. Join me, an archaeologist who has excavated on a Pompeian site, for a full or half day exploring the wonders of life in this ancient city 2,000 years ago.  Complete Pompeii Synopsis

Why not try my NEW TALKS 

  • Ancient Roots: Classical Stories growing in your Garden  Uproot the myths and uses of plants 2,000 years ago, and discover the ancient roots of our modern gardens today 

Some of the most popular Muddy Archaeologist talks are:

    • Complete Pompeii  Full Study Day  Find out how to truly enter the world of the Romans at Pompeii.
    • A Mediterranean Tour – Not Just  a Load of Old Stones    Getting to grips with ALL the ancient civilisations and identifying their distinctive art and place and time.
    • A Muddy History of Britain – A Local View   The archaeology of Britain seen through the big famous sites and your own sites near you
    • Digging Deeper in Pompeii with the Muddy Archaeologist 
    • Latin Yesterday, Today & Forever  How and why Latin remained part of our lives through the centuries and today)
    • Roman Britain: What did the Romans Ever do for Us?
    • Pompeii – A Fresh Look at Frescoes  Revel in the colour and themes of beautiful wall paintings and what they tell us about Roman life and aspirations.
    • Pompeii – A Product of its Time   How an ordinary town like Pompeii is a window onto the world of the Roman Empire.
    • A selection of talks on enjoying archaeological destinations & sites including Neolithic Orkney & Shetland, Megalithic Malta, the Mycenaean World, Minoan Crete, Ancient Cyprus, Ancient Sicily, the Brave New World of Ancient Greece, Hadrian’s Wall, Pompeii & related sites, Romans across their Empire, the Romans in your area,  and many others.  View a recent talk on the archaeology of Jarlshof, Shetland here.
  • Talks also available on specialist themes:
    • Your Profession
    • Animals in the ancient world – myths, uses, folklore, rich images …
      Options include: Bee-keeping; Birds; Pets; Sea Life;
      Plus: Latin Names Brought to Life
    • Classical literature & authors (an overview guide or focus on any one, such as Homer, Greek playwrights, Pliny, Cicero, Ovid, Virgil, Horace, Catullus, Suetonius, Vitruvius …);
    • Greek & Roman mythology;
    • Ancient philosophy – How the Romans Saw the World;
    • Latin inscriptions;
    • Sailing the Wine Dark Sea, and more.Contact me to arrange a talk for your society   Tel. 07860 637301

For more details please email gillian@muddyarchaeologist.co.ukOf course, I would look forward very much to seeing you at any of the public talks below.   If any are anywhere near your area and you’d like me to speak to a society or organisation near you while I’m there, please contact me.
And don’t forget, if you’re in North Yorkshire, there are a wealth of courses to join in with too!  I’m also happy to travel to deliver a course near you:  one-day, weekend, one-week options.

Public Talks by The Muddy Archaeologist in  2021

Mon 6 Sept 2021    What did the Greeks & Romans ever do for Art?     Helmsley Arts Society  7.30pm  The Old Meeting House, Helmsley

Weds 8 Sept 2021  What did the Romans Ever do for Britain?    Acorn Ladies Luncheon Club.  1 pm  Wetherby

Mon 20 sept 2021  A Mediterranean Tour: Not just a Load of Old Stones  Wirral Arts Society    2pm  Wirral.

Tues 28 Sept 2021 An Ancient Mediterranean Tour: Not just a load of old stones  Wensleydale Arts Society 2pm  Leyburn

Thurs 30 Sept 2021 A Mediterranean Tour: Not just a Load of Old Stones
East Herts Arts Society   10.30am, Broxbourne

Mon 6 Dec 2021  io Saturnalia!  Merry Christmas the Roman Way 
Kingston Arts Society   
7.30pm     online zoom lecture

Weds 8 Dec 2021   io Saturnalia!  Merry Christmas the Roman Way  Horsham Arts Society   11am  online zoom lecture


Book now to a talk by the Muddy Archaeologist 

Gillian Hovell is an Arts Society Accredited Lecturer

Vast and varied Arts Society Portfolio of Talks and Study Days available here



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Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ is a freelance archaeologist & ancient historian.

Available for engaging, passionate & expert comment and insights.
Also for factual documentaries & series:   Television, radio & podcasts.

Mobile  07860 637301            Tel. 01423 203516
Email: gillian@muddyarchaeologist.co.uk
Also contactable by Facebook,  Linked In  & Twitter

PRESS BIOG Gillian Hovell The Muddy Archaeologist  
Media Showreel available here

Samples of media appearances can be found in the links below:


BBC News Channel – on the DNA clues to prehistoric migration to Britain  22 Dec 2021

TalkRadio TV celebrating Hadrian’s Wall’s 1900th Birthday …   03 Jan 2022

TRT ‘Showreel’ Turkey’s international culture show  on the British Museum’s ‘Troy’ exhibition


BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme      Virtual displays in museums   14 Dec 2021

BBC World Service:     Epic of Gilgamesh returns home  October 2021

BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House:   Richard III Fever & Community Archaeology


BBC Radio 2 

OJ Borg Midnight Mastermind – Archaeology  Nov 2018

OJ Borg Midnight Mastermind – Latin   Nov 2019


BBC Local Radio

BBC Radio York  Neolithic Salt production in North Yorkshire   March 2021

BBC Radio Stoke   Roman villa unearthed in Scarborough   19 April 2021

BBC Radio Newcastle   Launch of ‘Visiting the Past’ book by Gillian Hovell  2010

Catch them all on the The Muddy Archaeologist on BBC Radio – Playlist   

Local Radio

Two Lochs Radio   Launch of ‘Visiting the Past’ book by Gillian Hovell 2010

A range of other sample videos are below:

Show Reel  Arts Society 2021


The Iron Age Nidderdale video blog supporting BBC 2’s ‘Digging for Britain’ series. Episode 1
Nidderdale excavations, supporting on line blog for BBC 2’s ‘Digging for Britain’ series
Gillian Hovell presents Iron Age Nidderdale video blog supporting BBC 2’s Digging for Britain, Episode 3
The Muddy Archaeologist presents the Iron Age Nidderdale Project Episode 4






Showreel Media 2021

Muddy Archaeologist June 2017

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Scroll down for More Videos:  Tours – Archaeology – Interviews

A Spot of Fun : ‘Midnight Mastermind’ on BBC Radio 2’s OJ Borg at 12.30am Tuesday 13th November 2018

Sample Lecture



Nidderdale Pages interview the Muddy Archaeologist
Alistair Macdonald interviews Gillian Hovell at Society of Authors Alistair Macdonald interviews Gillian Hovell at the Society of Authors
The Arts Society (NADFAS) – What the Muddy Archaeologist can offer