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‘So much more than the history … the anecdotes were a wonderful treat . Gillian’s enthusiasm was bubbling over . Awesome (as the grandchildren would say)’

What a lovely speaker she is in being so knowledgeable and well structured in her delivery. She is obviously passionate about her subject but I loved the way she used her sense of fun and humour to share her knowledge. Just wonderful!!!

‘What a way to end the year. A tour de force from a lecturer who could really communicate her passion for her subject and appreciation of the life of the Romans all those years ago.’

I just wanted to thank you for organising such a fascinating study on the Grand Tour. I haven’t heard Gillian lecture before but will be recommending her to our Society. She was excellent.

‘Loved her personal slant on the subject. Gave the subject much warmth and also fun.’

I thought the lecture was absolutely brilliant, and should welcome any opportunity to learn more from Gillian Hovell, as the Muddy Archaeologist too

‘Wonderful lecture from such an enthusiastic lecturer. I could have listened to her for a lot longer’

‘Absolutely brilliant, fact-filled, witty, inspirational, exciting’

‘One of the best lectures we have ever had.’

‘You had us in the palm of your hand!’

‘Learned more in one hour than I have understood in 20 years!’

Arts Society Lectures

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk at the Bloomsbury Hotel dinner last night.  You really brought Pompeii alive, and I was fascinated how similar our lives are now to then …  except that they were more sophisticated!!  …    You need to be a new TV star!    I think we need to get your ‘brand’ to a wider audience, and get more people interested in muddy fields and Latin!’

Sue Peart, Editor Mail on Sunday

‘Outstanding performance by tutor  –  huge enthusiasm talks and depth to knowledge I would like to attend more.’

‘Gillian Hovell is brilliant –  I have previously been on a cruise where she lectured and that influenced my decision to do this course.’

‘Excellent and insightful presentations in all courses. Great rapport and engagement with class-great fun.’

‘Such an enjoyable, satisfying course, v.v. inspiring; have her again next year.’

‘It was extremely interesting and well researched. Gillian obviously knows her subject through and through. She was easy to listen to – no annoying mannerisms.  Her pictures were well chosen and they illustrated her words. I should like to attend another course with her.’

Marlborough Summer School 2019 (Latin, Classical Literature, Ancient Civilisations)

Gillian engages all participants by bringing the subject matter to life with her extensive knowledge and
enthusiasm. She is simply brilliant.

‘Gillian’s illustrations and slides and maps were excellent, and the handouts she posted before the class will be helpful.  Her knowledge is astonishing, and her background details bring it all alive. The 2 classes have been hugely enjoyable, and now I know where to start to find out more. Thanks for a great introduction.’

‘I had no previous knowledge but this didn’t matter and I learned a lot. The tutor’s knowledge was extensive,
she was interesting and enthusiastic, her slides were great, beautiful and relevant and made me want to
visit the locations.’

‘Great tutor and fascinating content’

‘Particularly enjoyed: Quality of illustrations and depth of knowledge, plus fantastic information sheets accompanying the course.’

‘Gillian’s wonderful, lively and stimulating delivery of a subject she clearly loves.  Fantastically knowledgeable and able to project this onto her audience.  Thank you so much for a great day.’

‘I’ve done a lot of courses over the last 5-6 years and this was one of the best!   I had little previous knowledge of the topic but found this to be illuminating.  It was very clearly presented and the timeline stream of development was particularly well done.’

‘Gillian was so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining – excellent day!’

‘Pitched at a great level.  Brilliant!’

‘Absolutely excellent in content and presentation.’

What did you particularly enjoy about the course? ‘Every single minute of it.  Could not have been better in any way.  Thank you so much.’

‘It has made me want to learn more and study more.’

‘Very interesting and stimulating.  Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.’

‘Very enjoyable.  Enabled new ideas.  Thought provoking.’

‘You are a genius.  Your talks are so natural and easy to follow.’

‘A super day at the university!  Thank you very much indeed, Gillian.  I really enjoyed the talks and I am sure everybody else enjoyed them too!  You gave us plenty to consider and think about.’

‘Gillian’s infectious enthusiasm, impressive knowledge of the ancient world and ability to present her subject in a relatable way make learning thoroughly enjoyable.’

‘Very knowledgeable tutor made the course interesting. PowerPoints were excellent. I will be booking more
of Gillian’s courses.’

York University CLL Study Days

This talk was absolutely wonderful.   So informative…so well done….we were in Pompeii last year, but I learned so much from Gillian’s video. She made it so personal and I totally get her joy and appreciation of the lives and people of Pompeii….she made two thousand years ago seem like today.  The carpet of time rolled out and then immediately rolled back to this present time .

We enjoyed the talk immensely, despite the occasional hiccough on the sound. Gillian was an engaging speaker who really brought the subject to life and the quality of the slides on our own screens meant that we didn’t need to fight for the front seats in the village hall. Best of all, for us, we could attend the talk from 155 miles away. More please!

FORA (Friends of Roman Aldborough)

‘Gillian had instant rapport with the audience. She gave an outstanding lecture and was deluged with questions, with which she coped enthusiastically and fully. Very impressive.’

‘A very good lecture. Gillian was engaging and exhibited an expert knowledge of her subject taking the audience on a romp through the mythical world of the gods and the effects on the lives of past civilisations. Her bubbly and warm personality endeared her to all who engaged with her throughout the evening.’

‘Gillian Hovell is the consummate professional. The AV issues during the morning lecture she overrode confidently and kept her audience entertained and informed. Gillian is a confident storyteller who I imagine would be able to keep her audience engaged in a blackout.* There was no diminishing of her spontaneity, humour and content when she repeated her lecture.’

*Actually, I have!  Harrogate Library lost all power: I lectured in semi-dark without equipment … a really great and atmospheric evening!

Members found the lecture fascinating and enjoyable … a very informative lecture, told with humour & compassion. 

ADFAS Australia Lecture Tours 2018, 2021

‘Lively and captivating.  A joy to experience.’

‘Gillian’s presentations are very clear + well-structured.  Humorous and entertaining.’

Voyages to Antiquity Cruises

‘Outstanding in all respects.  Her lectures were full of detail that brought the archeological visits to a level that brought the ruins to life.   Her availability was outstand at all times.  She was always with the group and always ready to answer questions.  As important, she was willing to listen to other ideas and have a real dialog with the tour participants.  She should be invited to be a guest lecturer at the Smithsonian.  I would come back to DC to hear her.  Keep her on these trips!’

‘Just wanted to thank you.  You really brought the stones to life, and  you were a great dinner companion to boot!’

Smithsonian Journeys

‘Gillian was very knowledgeable, articulate and good company.  Also, kind and helpful and her lectures were excellent. Highly recommend this host who made the holiday more enjoyable with her knowledge and personality.  Excellent manner, knowledge and attitude.  A gem.’

‘You were a Star!  Really successful tour and you brought the subject to life!’

‘Gillian brings learning to life in a way that inspires future interest’  

 ‘First class as usual from Gillian’    

 ‘Wonderful, wonderful,  wonderful!’

Special Interest Archaeological Tours (Saga)


‘My sincere thanks for a fascinating study day. Gillian’s lecture was the perfect briefing before seeing the exhibition. In fact, she gave us far greater insight and understanding into both the myth and the reality than the exhibition itself. What a brilliant lecturer she is!  Her two talks were well structured, had excellent illustrations, and every word she spoke was crystal-clear! And, most importantly, she explained a complicated subject in a clear way, and provided us with a helpful hand-out to take away.’

‘GIllian is a truly gifted lecturer and her talk contained much fascinating information.’

‘Thank you for a lot of enjoyment.’

‘Excellent and very educational’

‘I would like to express my grateful thanks for all the wonderful lectures I have enjoyed over the past few months. Particular thanks to Gillian Hovell, whom I met on a tour and cruise of the archaeology of ancient Greece in 2018, since when I have followed her avidly. I look forward to more lectures’

Ciceroni Travel Study Day & Lectures

‘Truly inspirational.  It reminds us what we’re here for.’

Classical Association


‘Help!  We have had an amazing response to your lecture.  We are sold out and the cut-off date is nowhere near.’

‘History with humour – a delight.’

‘Fabulous, a gifted speaker.’

‘Rather a nice follow-up from this morning; a series of emails have been flying round the committee about how well it all went and what a good response we’ve had.’

‘I so enjoyed your lecture and the opportunity to talk to you further over dinner.  I feel as though you’ve taken me on a Mediterranean cruise without leaving home. ‘

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course over the last 3 days and it did “all it said on the packet”.  It was exactly what I expected and you were as informative, entertaining and enthusiastic as I had been led to believe.’

’Thank you for your EXCELLENT work that you did as lecturer, guide, and general nice-person-to-be-around!’

‘You added an infinite amount of content to the days, as well as friendliness and charm.’


An evening with Gillian Hovell could literally change the way you view the landscape for ever … Hovell proves that history is on your doorstep and that the journey into the past is only a few steps away.’               

 Ilkley Literature Festival