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Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ is a freelance archaeologist & ancient historian.

Available for engaging, passionate & expert comment and insights.
Also for factual documentaries & series:   Television, radio & podcasts.

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Sky series Sex: A Bonkers History,  with Amanda Holden.  Find out from me in episode 1 as I reveal to Amanda and our guests what the erotic art at Pompeii was really about!   Oct 2023


BBC News Channel – on the importance of the Rutland Roman villa 28 Nov 2022

BBC News Channel on the Nobel Prize award for the Neanderthal DNA 3 Oct 2022

BBC News Channel – on the DNA clues to prehistoric migration to Britain  22 Dec 2021

TalkRadio TV  on decapitated Romans in cemetery on HS2 dig.  9 Feb 2022

TalkRadio TV celebrating Hadrian’s Wall’s 1900th Birthday …   03 Jan 2022

TRT ‘Showreel’ Turkey’s international culture show  on the British Museum’s ‘Troy’ exhibition


 BBC RADIO FIVE:  the discovery of an ancient branch of the Nile that ran alongside the Pyramids – changing our view of the ancient landscape and how the pyramids were built.   18 May 2024

BBC Five Alive:  The Roman Mausoleum found in Southwark, London  – with a bonus on why Beauty & the Beast music can turn the Muddy Archaeologist to mush …!   June 2023

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme      Virtual displays in museums   14 Dec 2021

BBC World Service:     Epic of Gilgamesh returns home  October 2021

BBC Radio 4 ‘Broadcasting House’   Richard III Fever & Community Archaeology

BBC Radio Live Five Drought reveals sunken archaeology in rivers and reservoirs  August 2022


BBC Radio 2 

OJ Borg Midnight Mastermind – Tutankhamun   Nov 2022

OJ Borg Midnight Mastermind – Latin   Nov 2019

OJ Borg Midnight Mastermind – Archaeology  Nov 2018


BBC Local Radio

BBC Scotland Drought reveals sunken archaeology in rivers and reservoirs  August 2022

BBC Radio Jersey   How history changes with new discoveries   April 2022

BBC Radio Bristol   Nail clipping in the 13th century …  Jan 2022

BBC Radio York  Neolithic Salt production in North Yorkshire   March 2021

BBC Radio Stoke   Roman villa unearthed in Scarborough   19 April 2021

BBC Radio Newcastle   Launch of ‘Visiting the Past’ book by Gillian Hovell  2010


Catch them all on the The Muddy Archaeologist on BBC Radio – Playlist   

Local Radio

Two Lochs Radio   Launch of ‘Visiting the Past’ book by Gillian Hovell 2010

Stray fm ‘Visiting the Past’ 2010


Sarah J Naylor’s Harnessing Happiness – The Muddy Archaeologist’s story & inspiration  20 Dec 2022

A range of other sample videos are below:

Show Reel  Arts Society 2021


The Iron Age Nidderdale video blog supporting BBC 2’s ‘Digging for Britain’ series. Episode 1
Nidderdale excavations, supporting on line blog for BBC 2’s ‘Digging for Britain’ series
Gillian Hovell presents Iron Age Nidderdale video blog supporting BBC 2’s Digging for Britain, Episode 3
The Muddy Archaeologist presents the Iron Age Nidderdale Project Episode 4

Showreel Media 2021

Muddy Archaeologist June 2017

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A Spot of Fun : ‘Midnight Mastermind’ on BBC Radio 2’s OJ Borg at 12.30am Tuesday 13th November 2018

Sample Lecture



Nidderdale Pages interview the Muddy Archaeologist
Alistair Macdonald interviews Gillian Hovell at Society of Authors Alistair Macdonald interviews Gillian Hovell at the Society of Authors
The Arts Society (NADFAS) – What the Muddy Archaeologist can offer