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Check out where I’m speaking at these public lectures and events and come and join me!

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Public Talks by The Muddy Archaeologist in  2022

Mon 31 Jan 2022  for 3 Monday evenings  The World of Stonehenge Rossett School Adult Learning, Harrogate

Sat 5 & 12 Feb 2022  Nothing New under the Sun: Roman Satire York University CLL

Weds 16 Feb 2022  The Complete Pompeii   Study Day  Dorking Arts Society, 

Weds 23 Feb 2022    The Complete Pompeii   Study Day  Cotswolds Arts Society, Burford

Weds 2 March 2022 for 3 Wednesday evenings Tutankhamun: Egypt Rising from the Ashes   Rossett School Adult Learning, Harrogate

Thurs 3 & 4 March 2022  The World of Stonehenge  CICERONI Travel Online

Sat 5 March 2022  Virgil’s Aeneid; Epic Insight into Augustan Rome  York University CLL

Weds 8 March 2022  Ancient RootsClassical Stories growing in your Garden  Study Day Woodbridge Arts Society


Tues 12 April 2022  The Iconic Roman Villa   Halifax Arts Society

Mon 25 April  The Perception of Beauty: Greek & Roman Art & their Legacy  Study day, High Wycombe Arts Society

Mon 11 July – Fri 15 July     Latin Yesterday, Today & For Ever    mornings, Marlborough College Summer School

Mon 11 July – Fri 15 July  Archaeology of Roman Britain  afternoons, Marlborough College Summer School

Mon 18 July – Fri 22 July  Archaeology of Prehistoric Britain  mornings, Marlborough College Summer School

Mon 18 July – Fri 22 July  Classical Literature: Meeting the Ancient Authors,  afternoons,  Marlborough College Summer School

Mon 25 July – Fri 29 July  Classical Mythology & Ovid’s Metamosphoses: Lands of Myths & Legends  mornings, Marlborough College Summer School

Weds 27 July 2022  Egypt Rising from the Sands : The Centenary of Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb  Evening talk, Marlborough College Summer School

Tues 6 Sept 2022  Pompeii: Digging Deeper with The Muddy Archaeologist  Needwood Arts Society

Tues 13 Sept  2022 Wealdon Arts Society


Monday 19 Sept 2022  Darlington Lecture Association

Weds 21 Sept Leeds Arts Society

Tues 8 Nov 2022    Mallorca Arts Society

Weds 16 Nov 2022  Wetherby Lunch

Weds 23 Nov  Stafford Arts Society

Thurs 8 Dec 2022  Tarpoley Arts Society

Tues 13 Dec 2022   Surrey Hills Arts Society

Thurs 15 Dec 2022  Arts Society


Mon 16 Jan 2023   Wirral Arts Society

Mon 23 Jan 2023   Chipping Sodbury Arts Society

Weds 25 Jan 2023   Kingsbridge Arts Society

Tues 7 Feb 2023   West Suffolk Arts Society

Fri 24 Feb 2023   Bearsted Historical Society

October 2023   ADFAS lecture Tour

November 2023  NZADFAS lecture tour

Tues 5 Dec 2023  Southport Arts Society

Thurs 7 Dec 2023  Penzance Arts Society

Fri 8 Dec 2023  Falmouth Arts Society

Tues 12 Dec 2023 Farnham Arts Society