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Spring & Summer 2022 Courses and Study Days

York University Centre for Lifelong Learning
Open to all!

Roman Satire: Nothing New Under the Sun
2 sessions by zoomSaturdays 5 & 12 February 2022  10am-1.15pm
As we enter 2022, modern life is rich in scope for modern political and social comedy and satire.  Discover how comedy that is gentle or sharp has been used to ease life since ancient times.  You may find that life hasn’t changed that much after all …
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Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’: Epic Insight into Augustan Rome 
2 sessions by zoomSaturdays 5 & 12 March 2022  10am-1.15pm
Revel in Virgil’s stunning epic poetry and rich  mythology, combined with the values and dreams of Augustus and his new Augustan Rome.  Myths, history, politics, personalities, wonderful poetry and a great story of Greece and Rome and their legacy.  It’s all here.
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Rossett Adult Learning Courses
IN PERSON at Rossett School, Harrogate

The World of Stonehenge
3 Mondays:  31 Jan, 7 & 14 Feb 2022   19.00-21.00 hrs
What we know/think we know about the site, then explore the vibrant Neolithic world of the first farmers and their time; finally, we explore Neolithic sites and learn what to look for when we’re out and about.
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Tutankhamun: Egypt Rising from the Sand
3 Wednesdays:  2, 9 & 16 March 2022   19.00-21.00 hrs
Follow the thrill of the discovery (in context of discoveries before and after too); Explore the World of Tutankhamun and his place in history; and meet the other cultures they rubbed along with at the time.
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Stunning value: ONLY £35

The Arts Society Special Interest Study Days

Cotswolds   Weds 23rd February 2022
The Complete Pompeii

Woodbridge Tues 8 March 2022
Ancient Roots: Classical Stories growing in your Garden

High Wycombe Monday 25 April
Classical Art & the Perception of Beauty

Malborough College Summer School
Bookings open from 6 January 2022

11 July-29 July 2022  Each course is five half-day sessions (Mon-Fri).  Join me at these marvellous residential courses and revel in exploring the ancient world together!

Latin Yesterday, Today & For  Ever
Course ref. 317 
Mornings, Week 1
Learn Latin through the words and phrases we use in English every day, mottoes and inscriptions and through the  most famous quotations from Roman literature.  Add colour, depth and meaning to your life today and find out how and why Latin has travelled through the millennia and add colour depth and meaning to your life today …

Archaeology of Roman Britain
Course ref. 127   Afternoons, Week 1
Discover from an archaeologist how to see the Roman sites of Britain for yourself.  Get the most from your days out to Roman forts, villas, towns and museums too.  They’ll never look the same again …

Archaeology of Prehistoric Britain
Course ref. 116  Mornings, Week 2
This richly illustrated course will bring Britain’s prehistory alive.  Learn from an archaeologist who has excavated every prehistoric age and discover the history, the archaeology, what life was like and also where to go and what to look for.

Classical Literature: Meeting the Ancient Authors
Course ref. 140    Afternoons, Week 2
Discover the classical writers, from Homer into the golden age of the Roman authors; poets, philosophers, historians, playwrights … they are all here.  Find out the who, what they wrote, and why each is so thrilling, and discover how they had such an impact in future ages too.

Classical Mythology and Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’
Course ref. 143   Mornings, Week 3
PLUS: Weds 27 July Evening talk: Egypt Rising from the Sands.  Join me and spend an evening celebrating the centenary of Carter’s discover of Tutankhamun’s tomb – find out WHY it’s so thrilling and what we’ve learned since.

Muddy Archaeologist own brand ON-LINE COURSES AVAILABLE! 
The wonderful branded series of Muddy Archaeologist online courses will grow this year … watch this space.

‘Original Olympics’. ‘Nero: Who Do You Think You Are?’,  ‘Neolithic Orkney’, ‘Practical Latin I’ & ‘Practical Latin 2’ (and a Great Value Bundle of Practical Latin I & II)











Original Olympics    Just £10 single lecture  More…

Nero: Who Do You Think You Are?   £95    More…

Neolithic Orkney    £95  (or 3 monthly instalments of £35)   More …

Practical Latin 1 : First Steps         More …

Practical Latin II : Stepping Out    More …

Great Value Bundle Practical Latin    More …

Ideal for everyone: whether you’re a Time Team fan to academic, a novice or  academic, a Lockdown Leisure seeker or inquisitive explorer – here’s your chance for a fresh look at the ancient world; it’s a world that everyone should experience.
Friendly, welcoming, no exams – just a voyage of discovery!
What you’ll get:  
Great Value!    Videos – Downloadable maps – Downloadable Notes – Helpful Glossaries – Further Reading Lists – ‘Best of the Rest’ bonus – Quizzes – A Half Time bit of Fun  and …
Register for free (no obligation) to join a monthly LIVE Q&A session with The Muddy Archaeologist  open to all signed in students – chat, ask questions, join the Muddy Archaeologist community!
More courses will follow
From Mediterranean civilizations to Classical Literature .
Soon you will be able to join me for many courses , wherever you are in the world.
Contact me for more details


Looking forward to a rich variety of Courses & Study Days in person in the future

Arts Societies around the UK  and for ANY group who wants to explore the ancient world in a vibrant, engaging way.

ENQUIRIES:   Contact Gillian Hovell  by email  or    Tel. 07860 637301


Regular courses in North Stainley, Harrogate and Ripon will hopefully continue late in 2022 … more details coming soon.

Available to lead other courses.  Please just contact me …  email  or    Tel. 07860 637301

ENQUIRIES:   Contact Gillian Hovell  by email  or    Tel. 07860 637301

Join The Muddy Archaeologist in locations around the Harrogate region for fascinating explorations into the ancient world.