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COVID UPDATE – All in person talks and courses cancelled until further notice

A very special entirely NEW branded series of Muddy Archaeologist online courses

BOOKINGS ARE OPEN FOR ‘Neolithic Orkney’

£95 but Prelaunch offer of £80 (offer expires when course is launched on 5 June)
Click here or on the image
to book your space on this exciting exploration of 5,000 year old Neolithic Orkney.
All the sites, all the atmosphere, all the beauty – in the company of the expert Muddy Archaeologist who has led countless tours and excavated on these gorgeous islands.
Come, from wherever you are in the world, and escape to Orkney with me!
Ideal for everyone: whether you’re a Time Team fan to academic, a novice or  academic, a Lockdown Leisure seeker or inquisitive explorer – here’s your chance for a fresh look at archaeological sites that everyone should experience.
Friendly, welcoming, no exams – just a voyage of discovery!
What you’ll get:  
Great Value!    Videos – Downloadable maps – Downloadable Notes – Helpful Glossaries – Further reading lists – ‘Best of the Rest’ so that you can explore the Neolithic throughout Britain – Quizzes – A bit of Fun  and …
a LIVE Q&A session with The Muddy Archaeologist at 7pm on 11th June (7pm ET, and 11am PDT) open to all signed in students – chat, ask questions, join the Muddy Archaeologist community!
More courses will follow
From Mediterranean civilizations to Classical Literature and even Practical Latin.
Soon you will be able to join me for many courses , wherever you are in the world.
Contact me for more details


OTHER ONLINE COURSES with the Muddy Archaeologist, hosted by others AVAILABLE in June & July 2020

In addition to the exciting new exclusive Muddy Archaeologist branded courses, I shall be presenting
two 2-part Saturday study days with York University,
and also two online courses hosted by Rossett School’s Lifelong Learning.
I’m offering two courses with Harrogate’s Rossett School Lifelong Learning 
A Mediterranean Tour of the Ancient Mediterranean
Come and join me for a special tour of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean.  Five 2-hour sessions will reveal the distinctiveness of each of the cultures.  We shall journey from the Neolithic Cycladic, through the Bronze Age with the Mycenaeans and Minoans, joining the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Etruscans, as well as the stunning Archaic and Classical Greeks and, of course, the Romans.
This will be illustrated with beautiful ancient art, and you will encounter these rich, diverse cultures and discover the ebb and flow of the Mediterranean civilizations.
Begins Monday 1st July, 10-12 noon, weekly for 5 Mondays
Book here:
Price £45
Troy: Myth and Reality
You are invited to join me for this 4-session Rossett Lifelong Learning course that will explore the beauty and impact of Homer’s epic poems, consider the Classical Greek adaptations of the stories, and the Roman re-use and re-invention of the legends for their own purposes.  We shall also take a look at the archaeology of Troy, the ‘real’ Troy that Schliemann infamously dug up and which continued to unearth its secrets.  Whether you’ve ever visited Troy before or not, let me take you, in a virtual sense, to this magical site.
Begins 6th July, 10-12 noon, weekly for 4 Mondays
Book here:
Price: £36


Looking forward to a rich variety of Courses & Study Days in person in the future

Arts Societies around the UK

And for ANY group who wants to explore the ancient world in a vibrant, engaging way.

ENQUIRIES:   Contact Gillian Hovell  by email  or    Tel. 07860 637301


Places will be limited.

Regular courses in North Stainley, Harrogate and Ripon will hopefully continue in September 2020 … more details coming soon.

Available to lead other courses.  Please just contact me …  email  or    Tel. 07860 637301

ENQUIRIES:   Contact Gillian Hovell  by email  or    Tel. 07860 637301

Join The Muddy Archaeologist in locations around the Harrogate region for fascinating explorations into the ancient world from January 2020